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Many of the best coaches in the country are using this secret to help build winning teams,
by communicating more effectively and maximizing every minute of critical practice time.

Communicate in the Moment™
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Telcommand allows the coach to instruct players in strategy and positioning on the field without having to yell and scream from the dugout. Now coaches can simply talk to the players. With a runner on first, the coach can communicate to the fielders how to back up first or second on the throw. They can notify left field to cover third on a bunt as first and third will be charging. They can put all the players "on the same page" for the real game, by talking to them in their positions from the dugout. If there is a good athlete playing a position for the first time, then you can aid in developing game and position knowledge. With Telcommand, batting practice can become far more efficient as coaches can instruct the batter from anywhere on the field, as they observe their swing and stance. Telcommand, when worn on the non throwing arm, does not interfere with fielding or batting. Coaches can increase the efficiency of practices and watch the learning and development curve of their team take off.

Communicate without shouting or blowing whistles. Coaching points are now passed on immediately. You can keep your players focused and motivated. You can give players vision while reinforcing their decision making. You can give personal attention to any player regardless of their position on the field. Telcommand allows you to coach from anywhere on or off the field. Coaches can re-position their vantage point for observing and teaching to what will work best for them.

Infield Set - 5 Player's Units &
1 Coach's unit
Outfield Set - 3 Player's Units &
1 Coach's unit
Pitcher-Catcher Set - 2 Player's
Units & 1 Coach's unit
Telcommand Coach's Unit $94.95  
Telcommand Player's Unit $77.95  

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"It has been really great in developing my younger players. I have an assistant coach that will use Telcommand with one or two newer players during practice and scrimmages. The kids love it because they are getting special attention. We love it because we are developing the players faster so that they can make contributions sooner to the team." - Mark Berkowitz, head coach, Weston, CT HS


"Telcommand is an invaluable tool that really works because you can instantly coach up your players before or even while they are screwing up. If a young player keeps going to the wrong spot on the field while defending Telcommand enables the player to remember to close down his defender because he will be in the right spot because of the Telcommand Receiver.

It’s a great way to teach because you do not have to stop practice when just one player screws up…you tell him directly and it also is a great tool to praise them when he or she do something positive." - Tom Skladany, SKLADANY ENTERPRISES, INC. and a Three-Time All American